• Corporate Governance

    At Accelerate Ventures (AV), we have spent two decades building relationships with SEC Compliance Attorneys and in our own right have become experts in business entity structuring. We engage our clients in a co-creative process to design unique corporate structures that meet business needs. We can select-design corporate structures based on the legal and tax needs of an entity from Delaware to Nevada to Wyoming and more. In tandem, AV will also collaborate with you to design and draft your:

    • Business Plan
    • Executive Summary
    • ProForma
  • Investment Instruments

    For the purposes of raising capital to resource your company growth, it is more important than ever to be empirically compliant with your representations and your investment instruments. Whether you are raising a seed round with angles, a series A round with private equity or mature venture capital rounds, AV guides you through the valuation and the unique stock structures necessary to devise the right strategy and marry it to the right opportunity.

    We have core expertise in building:

    • Private Placement Memorandums (PPM)
    • Accredited Investor Documents
    • Subscription Agreements
    • Coverage and review for SEC compliance
    • State regulated filings
  • Market Creation

    Mature markets with mature products and services can often yield opportunity for new product introductions fostered by leaps in technology. Then again, sometimes you find yourself being stalked by the first immutable rule of marketing which is be first! This can be a blessing and a curse. Few sales teams have the maturity to sell into a market at the same time you are creating the very market being sold into. Going back to the dot.com era, AV’s founding partners have the battle scars and track record of success to lead a charge into making your market. Market making is one of our core competencies.

  • Sales Generation

    At its core, AV is a sales engine. In fact, we have built our own proprietary system called The Sales Engine that we use daily to move the needle north and close transactions. We have a saying: “know for real what is really real” and with our transactional system you will experience transparent sales visibility like nothing you have ever seen.

    We know this is a bold claim and we make it liberally because we back it up. Our system lets our clients know:

    • Every time a sales call is made
    • The call outcome, positive or negative
    • Defined next steps
    • Follow up plan

    All of this happens inside an actionable framework that allows for high-level monitoring as your sales pipeline is being built. Markets are attacked in waves with weighted dollar values assigned to target customers. The visibility we offer allows for intelligent adjustments to be made with positioning, pricing, deal structure and more, all in real time. If you would like a demonstration, please e-mail us at edb@accelerateventures.com.

  • Brand Creation & Marketing

    In today’s marketing environment, your brand has to glow like a diamond to get noticed. The drivers of brand choice must be echoed in your brand promise and in how you communicate to the marketplace. Understanding how brand dynamically impacts everything your business does from how you communicate internally, to what your sales people say on the street to how you message to a target audience. In 2018 AV absorbed Oliver Hado Productions to offer in-house service solutions that include:

    • Custom Brand Design
    • 3-D Modeling
    • Video Production
    • Audio Production
    • Motion Graphics
    • Media Planning
    • Social Media Marketing
    • SEO Marketing
    • All constructed with top-shelf outcomes
  • Venture Capital

    Knowing how to approach and engage venture capital is one thing, knowing how to navigate the deal structure VC’s often propose is another. At AV, we work with our clients at the front end of capitalization events to ascertain what the right investment path is for their given investment goals. Sometimes VC is the answer but often times there are alternate creative paths to be explored.

    If VC is on your immediate horizon, we work with you to package up your company in a format comfortable to VC. We help develop a cogent business plan as we coach and guide you to demonstrate manageable control of all your business drivers to sell stock with confidence. If greater assistance is needed, we have the contacts to make the introductions, pitch the room, and negotiate the terms and conditions that result in a funded event. What makes us special is we have access to deal flow and we are particular about the deals we engage. Because of our filtering process, our venture partners are always excited to see what we bring to the table.

  • Intellectual Property

    Over the years, we have owned numerous patents. We have worked with inventors both in-house and outside to draft claims for submission to the USPTO to secure provisional patents. We then work with some of the best patent attorneys in the country to prosecute the IP into fully baked patent assets. We have years of experience in licensing IP and have reached transactional licensing agreements with great companies like Good Year Tires, Cabela’s, TOMY International and hundreds more. If you’re looking to build a defensible patent family to support your proprietary business model or need help navigating the waters of patent infringement, we can help. We also work with companies to process technology transfers for Silverado rights in alternate market opportunities.

  • Family Office Development

    Accelerate Ventures has spent years assisting family offices develop their direct investing platforms. Along the way families have asked us to help:

    • Establish a family office: physical or virtual
    • Evaluate an existing family office: to ensure it meets the changing needs of the family
    • Serve as a family office executive: interim leadership during a transition
    • Manage family office investments:
      • Provide family offices with the capabilities to originate, execute, monitor, evaluate and manage their direct investments
      • Inject team members into business environments to measure and bolster rates of return.
    • Serve as an independent board member:
      • Provide unemotional analysis and input to the variety of investments and other business issues facing the family
      • Retain a world class senior team member